Opioid Dependence


       We have successfully combined multiple FDA-approved medications to create a medically safe detox for opiate dependency. There are a variety of tools such as Suboxone maintenance therapy. Also available is a uniuque detox program that makes opiate withdrawal manageable. We usually detox individuals for 7-10 days then transition them to Vivitrol, a complete opiate blocker therapy. We measure sobriety in years rather than days. Our team works for your success with a long-term approach to sobriety. Usually, a person can complete the entire detox in 14 days. We have put up a graphic above that explains the typical patient's timeline during treatment at Coastal Care Life Recovery. 





       When you succeed, we succeed. Our offices are dedicated to providing the state of the art care for alcohol treatment, treating it as a disease rather than a choice. We use medication that is based on science and literature to provide you with success in your sobriety. We are equipped similar to an emergency room, enabling you to have a superior detox from alcohol without significant complications. There are numerous methodologies to use ranging from the Sinclair Method to Vivitrol. Vivitrol is a non-addictive injectable medicine used to treat alcohol dependence. The literature demonstrates a significant reduction in drinking with Vivitrol (extended-release naltrexone). At Coastal Care, our countless success stories are due to the treatment programs we tailor to the individual. Although each program is custom fit for the patient’s needs, Vivitrol is a common component in the success of our patients. If our patient chooses to go with the Vivitrol program, they will receive the Vivitrol injection every 30 days. 



A Sample Program:



Phase 1


Patient comes in for treatment whose urine tested positive for opiates; they will begin a 14-day tapering program with Suboxone. After 14 days, our patients should be off of any opiates and Suboxone, and ready to move onto Vivitrol or oral Naltrexone


Phase 2


When the patient has successfully completed tapering of Suboxone, in reference to the Patient Treatment Contract, the patient has agreed to commit to either injectable Vivitrol (380mg) or oral Naltrexone (25mg or 50mg). Patients who commit to the injectable Vivitrol (380mg) will be on a 30-day cycle for a recommended 6-12 months. Those who choose oral Naltrexone will be directed to take it daily. The length of treatment varies for each individual. The patient, treating physician, and counselor will discuss and come to an agreement on a treatment plan that is appropriate and in the best interest of the patient.


Phase 3


A strong and consistent support group is paramount in the patient’s journey to sobriety. A telephone support system is then offered to patients. The patient can expect a monthly call from our treatment team to ensure long term sobriety or for a scheduled up-coming injection.





Initial Consultation– $350


Follow up session– $150


IV Electrolyte Therapy– $150


Weekend Consultation- Additional charge for weekend Saturday/Sunday Service- $500


Off-site Concierge Service– $2500

14 days of direct one on one counseling and supportive care.


Court Consultation– increments of half day: $5,000 or full day: $10,000