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About us

Dr. Cassedy is obsessed with providing the best care at the most reasonable price point. We are here to journey with you in your health issues whether it is addiction or weight loss. Science has told us that this is a disease of dopamine in the midbrain. We have tailored medication to address your medical issues. Furthermore, Dr. Cassedy has practiced addiction medicine for over 30 years and provides state-of-the-art treatment plans for you and your family. We are eager to share these articles in our articles section, sharing our knowledge with other providers.


Coastal Care is committed to providing effective treatment for weight loss and substance abuse. We provide long-term weight loss for individuals who struggle with weight issues.

Established over 20 years ago, our facility is owned and operated by a team of physicians. The goal of our program is to advocate a healthy lifestyle as you make your journedy to health. We value and enforce the importance of prevention, intervention and education.