About Us




      Coastal Care, established in 2001, is dedicated to reducing individual struggle against substance abuse. We are a team of medical doctors who provide a wide variety of options for substance abuse. We offer Suboxone therapy followed by a Vivitrol maintenance program which essentially ensures your sobriety. Vivitrol is an injectable, extended-release opiate blocker that will keep you off opiates and ensure your sobriety 28 days at a time. We also offer treatments for alcoholism. We measure success in years, not days. 




      Dr. Paul F. Cassedy has been devoted to improving the lives of his patients and their families for more than 20 years. He has spent his life helping patients and their families battle addiction and its life-changing consequences. He is currently the medical director at Coastal Care focusing on a team approach to recovery. His treatment algorithm includes a combination of FDA-approved medications for addiction; these medications are proven in double-blinded placebo studies to be superior to other alternatives. 

      With skill and compassion, Dr. Cassedy treats his patients with a comprehensive approach. He listens to the concerns of his patients and their families, and constructs a treatment plan for each patient’s particular situation. His personable and empathetic nature keeps patients at ease, while his expertise ensures excellent care. Outside of medicine, Dr. Cassedy enjoys surfing, running marathons, biking, coaching, and spending time with his wife and children.