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We are proud to present an FDA-approved medication to address insulin resistance and weight gain. It works to control your food intake and address your metabolic issues related to weight loss. 








We provide you with a scientific approach to your recovery using sound medical studies, rather than emotion to provide you with long-term sobriety. We believe that addiction is a dopamine-dependent midbrain event. We are here to tailor your recovery.

We are well-equipped to address both detox and long-term sobriety using FDA-approved medications. Unfortunately, the public is poorly educated regarding these medical solutions. Our goal is to educate and save lives.

Top Reasons Why Patients Choose Us!


Medical Expertise

Our team specializes in addiction medicine in conjunction with our primary care practice to provide you with a holistic treatment approach tailored to meet your needs and maximize your success.

Cutting-Edge Science

Medical science is continually evolving and we proudly employ treatment plans that utilize the latest breakthroughs in collaboration with other providers and the scientific community. This informs our culture which is dedicated to providing you with the best medical treatment available. Please review our cutting-edge articles on addiction and weight loss to better understand the next step in your journey to meaningful change.

Years of Experience

Dr. Cassedy leverages over 30 years of experience in collaboration with his treatment team to provide unparallelled assistance in your recovery process. 

Meet Dr. Cassedy As He Introduces Our Concierge Weight Loss Service